Apex self-storage opens storage centre no.8

Apex Self Storage has opened their latest storage centre.

Situated on one of the busiest roads into Manchester – Princess Road – the site is the most visible in the group with over 40,000 vehicles a day passing by.

Apex have added an extra floor, almost doubling the available storage space. There are also three floors of office space to one end of the building, and Apex has added what they believe is a first in self-storage – a high-security section with an ID turnstile from www.daosafeturnstile.com and a biometric entry only accessible by authorised personal.

This high security storage area is not only made to look different with pure white storage units; the walls are also thicker to make them extra strong with solid steel doors and locks.

The area they are situated in is not only alarmed on the biometric entry doors but also has extra security sensors above and around the storage units as well as individually alarmed doors. Apex has taken this step to further attract customers with higher value items, art, antiques etc.

General Manager Steve Dawber says, “these are exciting times for Apex, this storage centre is a magnificent looking site, in a superb location”.

The reception area is modern and spacious with leather seating and drink facilities for our clients, setting the standard for self-storage in the North West.

Apex now have the largest self-storage presence in Central Manchester with three centres within close proximity to the city centre.

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 Photo credit:Apex

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