Apple explains why the iPhone XS Max will cost you £1500

Apple recently revealed its new iPhone line-up and commentators were quick to point out that they are the most expensive price tags of any iPhone to date.

Buying an iPhone XS Max with the top level 512GB of storage space will set you back £1,449. Yes, we wish we were joking but we are not.

Apple’s boss Tim Cook has revealed some of the thinking behind Apple’s pricing policy in a new interview. Speaking to the Nikkei Asian Review, Cook suggested that Apple products are geared towards a segment of the market that are willing to pay more for their gadgets.

‘We always thought … that if you provide a lot of innovation and a lot of value, there is a segment of people who are willing to pay for it,’ Cook said.

‘For us, it’s a large enough group of people that we can make a reasonable business out of it.’

As ever, there are plenty of people aren’t willing to hand over that much cash for a phone.

“A total rip off!”

On social media, people have vented their anger. Alex Yallop tweeted: “@Apple how on earth can you justify your top of the range MacBook Air costing £1,384, mid range MB Pro £1,449 and you top of the range iPhone Xs Max costing £1,449 for a phone!!!? I have upgraded my iPhone every year, no more, the UK cost is a total rip off!”

Cook further rationalises the point by saying that the iPhone plays a huge part in people’s lives and that Apple does offer older handsets at a reduced price for other customers.

‘A lot of things you were buying are now so convenient in one [gadget] and it has taken those things so much further than they could have ever ventured as a stand-alone device,’ he said.

‘The role of the iPhone has become much larger in people’s lives.’

‘We want to serve everyone. We understand that there is a wide range of what customers are looking for and a wide range of prices that people will pay.’

Perhaps in a response to the accusations of cost, Apple introduced the iPhone XR this year which trades in the dual-camera and OLED display for a lower price that could appeal to those who aren’t willing to part with the money for an XS.

Then again, there’s always the iPhone 7. Which, at the entry level price of £449 is now the cheapest model Apple offers. Happy phone shopping, folks.

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Photo Credit: Marques Brownlee


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