Apple Watch rejects apps that tell time

The times have truly changed, it seems. While it’s true that an app built for a watch is expected to at least have the time, the notion alone is now a technological crime, where the Apple Watch is concerned.

Apple Watch is rejecting watch apps whose primary function is telling time, the updated Apple App Store Review Guidelines have revealed.

The new rule forces users to personalise their device using one of Apple’s ten existing faces and on the display options. This means that developers can’t create alternatives to the built in timekeeping software. However Apple is set to introduce new faces for the watch as, in the same guidelines, the company writes:

“Check frequently for software updates; the set of watch faces that follows might differ from what you see on your Apple Watch”.

According to Apple, the new decision is geared to keep the Watch efficient; ensuring that battery levels and performance are not impacted.

On the other hand, the company may just continue adding more of its own faces, which will increase the range of options, but still deny outside developers a chance to showcase their creative ability.

Critics have cited that Apple is just going further away from what its founder, the late Steve Jobs would have wanted. Commenting on the news, a critic said, “I love this – the Apple Watch makes it illegal for owners to have more ways to see what time it is. I’m sure the Apple Car will make it illegal for enhancements to make it easier for the driver to see out the window”.


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