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At the beginning of November former ‘The Apprentice’ candidate April Jackson launched a Bob Marley inspired restaurant named ‘Three Little Birds’. The restaurant is situated on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton and was officially opened with an intimate private reception, as personalities such as rapper Akala and British acting veteran Dona Croll attended.

Named after one of Bob Marley’s hit songs, the restaurant prides itself on a selection of cocktails made with high quality Jamaican rum, and a menu that boasts Jamaican cuisine with a ‘seductive flare’. The 26-year-old has stated “Three Little Birds is a café and boutique by day, and a kitchen and rum bar by night. There will only be Jamaican rum available and I think I’m bringing more of a sexy flare to Jamaican food”.

The UK born Jamaican raised businesswoman also added “You know our food can be a bit heavy- I’m making our food a little more approachable and I think that’s what will make it interesting”.

On the restaurants opening night reggae music was the soundtrack of the evening whilst attendees were treated to Caribbean canapés, including curried chickpeas on bammy and curried goat spoons. Also on the menu was the restaurants Appleton rum-infused signature cocktail, which is also called Three Little Birds.

The hugely patriotic Jackson, who became Miss Jamaica Universe in 2008, says she wants her restaurant to represent the authenticity of the island of Jamaica. The entrepreneur has said, “People often think of Jamaica as a ghetto or a beach- nothing in between. I want people to come to Three Little Birds not necessarily knowing what expect, but then have a wonderful time experiencing the side of the island that I know and love”.

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