Are UK Managers “socially incompetent”?

Sir Cary Cooper, Professor at Manchester Business School (MBS), has said that “sixty to seventy per cent of the UK management force is socially incompetent”.

Speaking at MBS’ 50th anniversary, the professor does not think that we have the right managers managing a work force that is so efficient; suggesting that these managers are not “socially and interpersonally skilled”.

Sir Cary– Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health – also pressed the need to address mental health, as it has become an underlying issue in business. He referred to the fact that one in four UK adults will experience mental health issues, and that this can affect a business. He raised the point that the recession had a significant effect on people’s health in this country.

He said that an employee’s well-being and job satisfaction can no longer be a “nice-to-have” part of the job, but a “have-to-have”. Calling for managers to trust their employees and be more flexible by allowing them to work from home, he highlighted that studies show that those who work from home, tend to put more into their work.

Sir Cary also said, “We have been Americanised to think that long means efficient, but it does not. We have to work smart, not long”.

Going on to say that, working from home is not always a bad idea and that flexibility in the work place is one of the solutions to a more efficient work place.

TNT Business Tiffany Cook


Photo Credit: Chris Cox Youtube screenshot

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