Armed robbery of England footballer

Former Manchester United and England footballer Tom Cleverley fell victim of an armed robbery at his £3.5m mansion in Hale Barns, Manchester, at around 8pm on Friday night.

The 26-year-old, who is married to former TOWIE star Georgina Dorsett, was at his home with two-year-old daughter Neveah Rose when the fugitives broke in. The burglars brandished two baseball bats and an extendable baton upon entering the premises, as they demanded the couple to tell them where they stored their luxury items. A source close to the couple told The Sun that the pair “Were shaken beyond belief “. The unknown source also added that, “It was a horrific ordeal- especially as their little girl was with them. The only thing in their minds was protecting her”.

The thieves are believed to have escaped the house with a £15,000 Cartier bracelet, a £10,000 Hermes Birkin handbag and an Audemars Piguet watch with an estimated worth of £50,000. The intruders then proceeded to demand the keys to the Range Rover that the couple owned, reportedly worth around £100,000. It is believed that Georgina Dorsett has been deeply unsettled by the incident and subsequently wishes to build a home somewhere else.

Footballers continue to be targeted by thieves as a result of the astronomical wages that they receive and the desirable assets they can afford. Manchester united reserve goalkeeper Sam Johnstone had his £40,000 Mercedes lifted from his home by thieves just six weeks ago. Argentine footballing star Angel Di Maria’s unexpected and dramatic loss of form last season was partly because of a similar break-in incident which occurred just 8 miles away from Cleverley’s house.

Greater Manchester Police told TNT news that “Officers attended and discovered a man, woman and an infant who had been the victims of an aggravated burglary. None of the victims were injured”.

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