ARMR: Manchester’s home-grown health and wellness alternatives


A health and nutrition store with a difference has opened in Ardwick, Manchester. ARMR store stands out from the crowd of health stores by offering customers health and nutrition products that are somewhat tailored and better for the community.

Offering organic fruit and vegetables, food, bars and snacks, tea and coffee, health supplements and a gym studio, ARMR store was opened by entrepreneur Raphale Evans who was inspired to create his concept store through his own interest and passion for nutrition.

With a locally-made selection of brands, the store provides “better options to benefit the community” in which it serves, Raphale told TNT. Additionally, ARMR runs classes, meditation, offers vegan food and works with GPs in the area.

Situated on Polygon Street in Manchester, the store is running sessions to combat illnesses such as anxiety. Personal training regimes are also on offer at ARMR.

In a society that has an increasing number of people who are gluten intolerant or allergic to nuts or shellfish or have to have things that are low in sugar, ARMR store faces the challenge of meeting these needs whilst remaining competitive with the likes of Holland & Barrett, Unicorn, Healthy Spirit and others. To combat this, ARMR store tries to offer their products below the recommended retail price in order to grab their portion of the health food store market.

“It’s a catch 22 situation but to be honest the customers who come to the store understand. They visit the store because they know about their products. For example, normal carton of milk may cost 65p in the supermarket, but Almond milk is £1.20. The cost of your health is more important,” Raphale explained.

“The store is more of a destination store than a footfall store”, so attracting the right customers is perhaps one of the advantages of the store.

ARMR also ensures that its profits go into the community as the store intends to continue working with home-grown health brand owners and nutrition specialists in the city.

Beyond the boundaries of Manchester, ARMR is looking to set up links to Africa and the Caribbean in its journey and goal to hopefully open 4 – 5 shops in different cities.

TNT Health

Photo Credit: Raphale Evans

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