‘Art with Heart’ explore equality in Salford school

As part of Hate Crime Awareness week, ‘Art with Heart’ delivered an equality workshop at Salford City Academy.

Within the thought-provoking workshop the award-winning arts company explored equality and discrimination.

The workshop was born out of a need for open, safe dialogue surrounding discrimination and bullying. Recent research conducted by the anti-bullying charity, Ditch the Label, found alarming bullying figures. According to the findings, over 1.5 million young people (50%) have been bullied within the past year. Within this statistic, 145,800 (19%) were bullied every day.

Rachel Moorhouse from ‘Art with Heart’ recognised the “devastating impact” that bullying has on health, behaviour and self-esteem.

“Our workshops will offer young people the freedom and opportunity to explore what discrimination and equality mean, who they are, what they want their world to look like and how to make change happen”, Rachel stated.

Recognising the potential for bullying to escalate, Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd said: “Today’s bullying is tomorrow’s hate crime. Exploring issues of equality, discrimination and tolerance is vital”.

The initiative is also being run in collaboration with other schools across Greater Manchester. ‘Art with Heart’ visited Salford City Academy on 9 and 10 February. The series of workshops was aimed at Year 8 and 9 students.

Victoria Birchwood, the Academy’s Head of School, commented: “This is an incredibly important topic and one we are pleased to be supporting through our work with ‘Art and Heart’.

Erin Welsh, a Year 8 student said: “I thought it was amazing to learn all about acceptance and LGBTQ history. It was good to hear how things have changed for the better and how this has helped improve people’s confidence”.

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