Art transforms Manchester into City of Hope

Last month, a group of street artists took to Manchester to create art highlighting social justice; drawing attention to nine different charities operating in the city.

Cities of Hope: A Street Art Convention ran through the last weeks of May, leaving behind some breathtaking works of art on buildings in the city, complementing an already booming art scene.

Developed by Vestige, a social justice organisation, the pieces were intended to ‘remind each and every one of us that we are not powerless and that it is and has always been the actions of ordinary people that change the world for the better’.

The convention is the first to be delivered by Vestige, supporting charities representing what they see as nine key social justice issues.

Lifeshare, one of the charities benefitting from the proceeds of Cities of Hope, supports homeless and vulnerable people in both Manchester and Salford.

Other causes include the Guns to Goods organisation, recycling guns into art, the Partisan Collective, creating a space for political activity, and the Hulme Community Garden Centre.

The convention featured world renowned street artists such as Axel Void alongside artists with links to the city, like Tankpetrol and Nomad Clan, as well as special guest Dale Grimshaw.

TNT Arts & Culture Lewis Chapman

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