Astrology and effects on human Consciousness: Part 2

‘Knowing thyself’ is a common phrase I hear a lot when referring to going back to our roots or lineage or history as a people.

However, to understand the deeper aspects of ourselves, we must look beyond the perimeters of earth and incorporate the spiritual aspects of our evolution. One way to go on about it is to apprehend with what psychic agencies like Indy Psychic Readings, have to say about one’s stars.

We live in a solar system with a star which is one of billions within a galaxy. The galaxy is one of billions in a universe. In perspective, we are so much more than just earth beings. We are star beings connected to every living, atomic element in the known universe. That’s a big deal, right?

No matter how many millions of miles away the sun is from the earth, we still manage to feel its powerful rays and light on our bodies, creating a chemical reaction. Essentially, converting them into Vitamin D. That’s one of the physical effects of exposure to a star.

We take in cosmic rays and electromagnetic waves constantly through our nervous system. Whenever the sun orbits around the zodiac belt, the earth and all the planets in the solar system are influenced by its gravitational pull, based on its location in space.

Hence, we know it is spring when it enters the star group of Aries, the beginning of the astrological calendar. We know it’s winter when the sun enters Capricorn. We don’t need astrology to understand this. We can see this by observing the changes in our environment. We naturally align with the elements of nature.

But something more is happening on a deeper level as conscious beings receptive to the magnetic fields of the celestial bodies in our solar system. We all have a cosmic story in the form of our birth chart. The configuration of planets, sun, moon and stars, all to help us grasp parts of our subconscious selves on our journey through life.


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