Astrology interpreted through the signs and purpose

Knowing your inner light

Are you a Scorpio or Taurus, a Pisces or Virgo, Libra maybe?

Do you know where the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the other planets were located at the time and place you took your first breath into the world?

Do you know what this collaboration of planetary energies creating angles of communication means for you? Can you identify your gifts you were born with?

It’s amazing how unique every single birth chart is. Even in the charts of twins. There are varying fluctuations that exist between two beings born seconds apart too. How can that be?

We all express different frequencies of a planet or a sign and just simply identifying someone was born on the same day as another doesn’t automatically suggest they will act, think, express the same energies.

The more we move from the idea of just reading daily horoscopes and look more at the combined vibration of all planets. The more we will see a relative picture of who we are in the stars. Only then do things begin to get a little bit more interesting.

When we learn how to use our own star code in totality to navigate through life, to express our truest potential and capabilities we start to move into alignment with the cosmic laws. These simple placements can identify characteristics of strengths and weaknesses, which we can essentially work through like assignments to get the best out of our lives.

Take Anthony Joshua for example. World heavyweight boxing champion, born 15 October in Watford, London. A Libra by nature and nurture, as both the luminaries (sun and moon) were in the same sign when he was born. However, one thing I want to focus on was the location of his north node.

Just to summarise

Nodes are basically mathematical sensitive points, which indicate where the moon’s path around our earth crosses the ecliptic. These sensitive points tell us a lot about what we are here to achieve, to evolve on a soul level.

In this case the north node was in Sagittarius when Joshua was born. Sagittarius is the sign of athletics, philosophy, higher learning, travel also religion. Does that mean he was destined to be an athlete due to this placement? Well, he sure is playing out this vibration in his reality along with his Sun and Jupiter together (conjunct).

Michael Jordon, former professional basketball player, also shares a similar element, but a different body. He has his moon in Sagittarius. These are simple traits and characteristics which play out through a divine intervention of understanding these celestial bodies and their locations. Space has intelligence.

The sun continues to emit cosmic rays filled information recorded as light sending us messages daily to our planet. The question is can you read the light?

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