Attempted abduction of 8-year-old at Chorlton water park

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is appealing for witnesses for an investigation, which was launched after an 8-year-old boy escaped an attempted abduction at Chortlon Water Park.

The 8-year-old victim was playing hide-and-seek with his friends at the park on 1 August, when he was approached by a woman at around 5:45pm. The woman lured him to her grey 4×4 Toyota car by telling him she had puppies that he could see.

The woman, who is described to be white and wearing a bobble hat and sunglasses, attempted to grab the child and drag him to the vehicle. After a struggle, the young boy managed to escape, with the assistance of friends, before running away from the abductor.

Two men were also present in the vehicle, both described to be white, with one of the men speaking on his phone.

GMP’s Detective Inspector Paul Walker has said: “Clearly this is a worrying set of circumstances and I understand people will be alarmed when they hear news of this incident, but we have a number of officers currently investigating what has taken place here and we are making numerous inquiries to trace the people involved.

“If anyone was in the area of the Chorlton Water Park early on Monday evening, and you remember seeing this grey Toyota 4×4-type vehicle, then please get in touch and tell us what you saw. Your information may seem trivial to you, but it could be important to this investigation”.

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Photo Credit: Google Maps

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