Augmented reality to change the way we see fashion

Augmented or virtual reality has been making milestone changes to the way we live. Earlier this year, we saw Pokémon Go shape a new way for how we engaged with games. Now, virtual reality is set to change the way we see fashion, literally.

With technological advances and the rise of smart phone use, shopping is not what we know it to be.

Virtual reality made huge waves in the fashion world in 2014. During London Fashion Week fashion fanatics were offered a front-row view of the catwalk with a 360 degree stream.

Recently, this year’s Balenciaga’s Autumn Winter show was broadcast in virtual reality. Hussein Chalayan also released a panoramic video of his show.

Even Dior has its own virtual reality headset. The device offers an immense experience that enables you to have virtual backstage access to its shows.

It’s not just catwalk designers who are utilising the futuristic way of fashion. Two years ago, Topshop partnered with Kinect to offer shoppers the virtual reality experience. Using a headset, shoppers could try on their clothes without the stress and long queues for the changing rooms.

Other companies are following suit and are adapting to the ongoing technological growth.  Converse and Tiffany & Co are just two retailers that use smart phone apps to allow customers to virtually try-before-you-buy.

Experts have predicted that by 2050 augmented reality may make high street retailers may be a thing of the past.

Have you ever used virtual reality for online shopping? Do you think it will seriously impact the way we shop locally in Manchester forever? Or is it simply just a cool gadget that’s just a bit of fun?

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Photo Credit: Gaming Room Georgia გეიმინგ რუმი

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