Aurie Styla

“If you can’t find an opportunity, make one for yourself.”

Who hasn’t seen London based comedian Aurie Styla’s ‘Sniper Pose’ sketch?

Watch the video of Aurie Styla at the BBC UK Black Comedy Show then tell TNT you didn’t used to do the sniper pose or the two finger skank when at old school garage raves. Whether you did or you didn’t, Aurie’s interpretation of how things went down is sure to have you in stitches.

This 27 year-old is the hottest thing ‘pon road! He’s bringing his show Comedy Mania to the Comedy Store on 22 March and trust us, you’ll want to be there!

“Comedy Mania is a show I put on two years ago; I just wanted to bring together the best of comedy from around the UK.”

It all started in and around west London Aurie explains, “I started to get frustrated by comedy because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough bookings and this really upset me.”

Aurie adds, I continually live by this phrase “If you can’t find an opportunity, make one for yourself.”

He decided to take the bull by the horns and put on his own shows at smaller venues and after a while it “kicked off” into Comedy Mania. The first show was in November 2012 at the Fly Over “which holds couple hundred people, I got quite nervous.” After two to three months, Styla out grew that venue and moved onwards and upwards to bigger venues. All of his effort, determination and hard work resulted in the Comedy Mania Tour.

The tour line up consists of Aurie Styla playing host to comedy veteran Slim and a talented bunch that includes Rudi Lickwood, Babatunde and Judy Thomas.

When asked about the line up Aurie replies, “All these guys I chill and talk to on a regular basis. We definitely rub shoulders on a professional level and we are able to call each other and say we’ll do this and that, all the way down to some of these comedians being my closest friends.”

Initially claiming has no favourite comedian (“You can’t ask me that!”), Aurie finally gives in saying Bernie Mac  is his favourite and I really admire Milton Jones and they are both totally different from each other and me, but I don’t really have a favourite, before shifting focus to the audience’s favourite, “Ok, especially from the UK black community ,it would Have to be Slim, as to them he is the most relatable comedian, he’s the guy they love to see, he’s the voice of everyone.”

His comedic talent is certainly taking him places making Aurie Styla a name we won’t be forgetting any time soon, not least because it’s rather unique: “I’m named after Patrick Swayze’s  character in the program ‘North and South’ but my mum spelt it [Orry/Aurie] the French way.”

Aurie Styla is TNT’s one to watch- a naturally funny person who is very down to earth. Follow this guy @AurieStyla.

You can catch Aurie and co. at The Comedy Store 22 March. Show may include explicit content.

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