Autumn Sharif kickstarts autumn’s iluvlive in Manchester

With Autumn around the corner, former The Voice UK contestant Autumn Sharif spoke to TNT about this month’s iluvlive Hotlist tour.

Headlined by Manchester rapper Geko, the tour will feature the four top artists from the 2017 iluvlive Hotlist. Autumn is one of the four artists and is joined by Jords, SNE and Matt Wills. Voted for by the public and the iluvlive team, the four artists will kick off the tour in Manchester.

Although Autumn has performed on The Voice when it was in Manchester, September’s iluvlive show will be her first time singing in the city since the TV show.

Acknowledging the effects that The Voice had on her craft, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter highlighted its positive influence. “Before the show, I wasn’t professionally trained. After I left, I started to hibernate and take lessons and improve. It has given me more insight into even my hidden abilities. It has pushed me to try and be better,” the London-based singer told TNT.

Since the show, Autumn received overwhelming support from her Somali community. “I think I was the first Somali to feature on primetime TV; which is a big deal”, the 5AM singer enthused.

Unlike some artists who realise their chosen career path later in life, Autumn has always known she wanted to be a singer-songwriter “since I was a kid”. “It wasn’t until I was 16 though, that I started to do open mics in London”, the Dordrecht-born singer said.

After the iluvlive tour, Autumn will be doing more live performances. “I really want to be able to reach a lot of people, introduce the songs. I just want to get better”, she said.

“I’m working on my first EP at the moment and I don’t know when it will be ready, knowing how much of a perfectionist I am. But it’s really good, if I can say so myself; I’m so excited about sharing it”.

Within the current UK music scene, Autumn admires Nayo and 4i. “I have worked with 4i and he is amazing. What I love about his work is that he talks about real things; what we worry about day-to-day as human beings. I can relate to that kind of music because I am the same content-wise”, she said.

Manchester’s iluvlive show is on 17 September at Zombie Shack.

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Photo Credit:Carl Swaby

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