Babyfather Trials & Tribulations…

“Why do woman use their kids against us men?” Knight asked angrily, “When their getting the magic stick and it sweet dem, they claim that they are not that kind of woman who uses the kid as a pawn…And then as soon as you split bam they go on some BS by not letting you see ya pickney… Then they wonder why we leave them with just the title babymudha and nuh wife them”.

Is it Shanti again? Lela asked softly as she refilled Knights glass, from one of the cocktail jugs that The Six had ordered at their regular pub lounge.

“Yeah and I try not to disrespect her but she’s a complete…”

Quickly interrupting Steele advised, “Don’t bother saying it Knight, I know how you feel”. Sighing he continued, “My two exes both drive me insane; the only time I get peace is when I give them money, pure nonsense”.

Looking at the food menu, Lela commented, “Well you should be careful who you lie down with then shouldn’t you”.

Nia giving Steele the eye; signalling for him to ignore Lela, followed up with asking Knight, “Be honest are you sleeping with Shanti?”

Knight looked up from his now half empty glass at The Six and remained mute.

The Six badgered him in unison, “Knight!”

Knight sheepishly replied, “Yes”.

“What!” The Six howled.

While giving his food order, Benjamin remarked, “That’s outta order”.

“Ah yuh business nuh cry to we.” Lela said as she killed the last dregs of the cocktail in her glass.

Sasha while nibbling on French fries disappointingly stated, “You need to grow up Knight seriously”.

Knight argued back while helping himself to a handful of Sasha’s fries saying, “No but I have to sleep with her to keep her sweet…I don’t want some next man round my chile, yammin up my chile food wid him big foot inna di chair that my chile has to sleep on”.

“But it’s ok for your child to be around a woman that you’re sleeping with, but not even intimate with?” Nia quizzed.

Knight replied “Look I have a son, he cool if he sees that”.

As Steele tucked into his starter he scoffed, “I feel you Knight…Plus no man is going to be calling my kid his son or daughter, they are my kids”.

Pilfering some of Steele’s starter, Sasha remarked, “Oh come on Knight, let’s look at Shanti’s point of view, she’s still in love with you”.

“No she’s not she done tek a next man”, Knight replied up-tightly.

Nia soaking her hot wings in a chilli dip added, “It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you, she just had to move on”.

“Nah time a woman teks a next man, you can’t go back”, Ben commented as he reached across the table for one of the jugs.

The Six’s men all grunted in agreement.

“Why?” Lela grumbled, “Is it someting called being egotistical?”

“Nope, it’s called flash backs”, Benjamin retorted.

Sasha now vexed asked, “But if you mans tek a next piece, you expect us woman to forgive you”.

“It’s different for a woman”, Steele expressed as he coated his food with red sauce.

“It’s the same pain!” Lela howled

“Look I just know women use them pickney on man from when them get pregnant, we have no say, ‘it’s my body, I’ll do what I want’”, Knight now breaking from his food asserted, “Man don’t want no youte but yet man has to fine milk, money and nappies”.

Sasha hit Knight on the hand and said, “Well tink before you act and bag it up!”

As Steele began his next course he fumed, “Oh and when you get a new woman, that’s it… you need their approval, ‘I want to meet her or you’re not seeing your child’”.

Knight added, “You see we men do want to be there for our children but we just don’t wanna deal wid babymudha drama that’s why we does dust and who can blame us”.

“Oh poor you!” Sasha mocked.

Knight returned “Yuh nuh understand …A di trials and tribulations of a Babyfather dealing wid a worthless babymuda name di one Shanti”.

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