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Balancing accounts – Manchester’s inspirational Lidia Miguel

Alaia Nails and Beauty

Having entrepreneurs emerging from Manchester is not a rarity. However, worthy of noting are the young and inspirational business people offering a service. Employment opportunities and inspiration to the local community.

Based in Longsight, Manchester, Alaia Nails and Beauty has a plethora of beauty services from hair-styling/removal, massages, nails, face and body spa days. Owner Lidia Miguel, 21, is both a student and businesswoman, whose journey in business inspired the conception of Alaia.

Having made the choice of taking a gap year from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), studying Accounting and Finance, Lidia decided to start her own business. With the job market saturated with graduates without experience, Lidia decided to utilise the year to her advantage, by gaining the experience required by employers post-university and open a beauty parlour.

“I had a previous business of a swimwear line and I really enjoyed marketing that. I have always wanted to open a beauty parlour that’s a one-stop shop. Where I can get every single thing done under one roof”, she told TNT.

Balancing university and running the business has not been easy. However, Lidia has her parents to thank for the prior knowledge she had regarding the challenges that running a business brings. Originally from Portugal, the entrepreneur’s parents are business owners, who “have always run businesses” and have instilled in her an ethos inclusive of the lessons they learnt in their own respective industries.

Providing a service to disadvantaged areas

With a vision to provide local disadvantaged areas with a salon, that gives luxury services at affordable prices, Lidia is also employing up to 8 people, with 4 being self-employed. “There was nothing like this in the area, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to open it here”.

Having opened in August 2017, Lidia’s business is all self-funded. “I have not had any loans or support from any business trust”.

The salon is professionally equipped with renowned ‘fantastic customer service from all the staff’ a local also told TNT.

Speaking of the advice she would give to fledgling entrepreneurs out there, Lidia said, “Do a lot of research and spend time and money in marketing your service. Marketing is really important”.

“Hopefully I will have a few more shops in other areas. I would like to open in disadvantaged areas”, she concluded.

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Photo Credit: Lidia Miguel


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