BAME LGBT Allies Conversation Space and Lunch

A conversation space and lunch will be held for BAME (Black, Asian and ethnic minority) LGBT allies on 8 May.

A BAME LGBT ally does not solely include people who identify as LBGT. A BAME LGBT ally is an example of someone who believes in and fights for the equality for all. A BAME ally challenges the discrimination often faced by members of the LGBT community such as homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

The event will be held by The Proud Trust. The Proud Trust is an organisation devoted to helping young people empower themselves and make positive changes in their communities.

The Proud Trust work towards this empowerment through youth groups, peer support and managing the LGBT centre for Manchester. They deliver training, campaigns and events such as this one, create resources and undertake research.

The event aims to help support people in feeling confident to talk about gender and sexuality. In addition, it is hoped that the event will create youth and community spaces where everyone’s identity is accepted.

According to The Proud Trust, allies have a lot of influence within BAME communities in “encouraging people to think differently about gender and sexuality”. Not all gender identities are respected and validated, the youth organisation are working tirelessly to change this.

Another event for BAME youth community workers will be held later this year. The support session will make up the first stage of providing a space to explore and help shape training content. It is here where the specific needs of different communities, in regards to supporting LGBT young people, will be explored.

The Proud Trust event will be held at The LGBT Centre, 41-59 Sidney St, Manchester between 12-3pm.


Photo Credit: The Proud Trust formerly LGBT Youth North West


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