BAME women making Manchester great

Women of colour join forces to make a difference in the community.

The Mancnubian is a non-profit organisation on a mission to bring together women of colour. Aiming to spread ‘magic’ across Manchester.

The Mancnubian aims to encourage positivity, encourage confidence, and empower all women of colour through organised meetings and social groups.

Created in January 2016, Mancnubian is a non-profit organisation with positive ethics; believing we’re all responsible for each other. ‘We must care for one another, in the way that shows compassion, empathy and positivity’, the organisation said.

Member of Mancnubian, Ruby-Ann Patterson tells TNT: ‘I often describe Mancnubian as ‘Holding the ties between all women of colour; past, present and future. We are the cement for modern day sisterhood’.

The Mancnubian’s are a collective of ‘creative activist’ who organise, meet-ups, craft, eat, workshop and debate. They share thoughts and ideas and share a sense of connectedness, whilst aspiring to make a difference in Manchester.

Ruby-Ann explains: “These meet-ups are a crucial part of the restoration of love between women of colour in our community. And with them we aim to start to rebuild trust and love for one another”.

The local group of women hope for a future that recognises the importance of representation. The Mancnubian is a means of self-expression without the pressure of societal eyes scrutinising everything. They also aim to reconnect with each other in ways previously shunned, dismissed from society.

The Mancnubian will be celebrating their ‘unofficial’ birthday on 20 November. Although it may be unofficial, the birthday represents “a blossoming movement of the empowerment of BAME women”.

Ruby-Ann also hopes for a future that values black and ethnic minorities’ contribution to society.

Speaking of her drive, Ruby-Ann said that she will continue to grow Mancnubian. She said she will grow it “with every able bone in me […] enough to see that change in my community”.

TNT Lifestyle Samhar Gowhar

Photo Credit: The Mancnubian

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