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BAPA Conference: Policing, Race and Justice 2014

The Nubian Times/TNT News attended the conference and bring to our readership interviews with key speakers, hosts and high ranking attendees. The Likes of Sir Peter Fahy, PDC Paul Bailey, Chair of Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA), Colette Williams activist! Campaigning for Peace, Justice & Equality, Janet Hills,Detective Sergeant Metropolitan Police Service. First Female Chair Met Black Police Association (MBPA) .

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy admitted Greater Manchester Police have wider practices that reinforce racism and some racist officers within its ranks, at the well-attended Policing, Race and Justice Conference organised by the Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA).

As senior officers convened at GMP headquarters on 21 November, Fahy stated it was not about the debatable issue of whether the organisation was racist but about how those issues are confronted and dealt with.

“I have to work within the legal system, which has a very ‘good vs evil’ perspective. I am trying to change that system within my own powerbase.”

TNT News

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