Bar owner and nephew pass away in same week

The chairman of the Living Ventures group, who own several Manchester bars and restaurants, passed away last week after a 16 year battle with cancer, five days before his nephew.

Tim Bacon, who was initially diagnosed with lymphoma in 2000 and later with melanoma in 2014, passed away on Friday 29 April aged 52.

It then emerged on Wednesday that Bacon’s nephew, Jett, aged 11, had also passed away following a 12-month fight with cancer.

Living Ventures CEO said Jeremy Roberts said: “Tim has had many enduring friendships with people in his private and professional life because of his vibrant, honourable and generous spirit.

“He gave his all to everything he did, especially to his family and his friends who were incredibly important to him. I will greatly miss him as we all will and I’ve lost a true friend”.

Bacon was the co-found of Living Ventures, who own the, Australasia restaurant, Alchemist, and Oast House bars among many others.

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