BBC staff to strike over meal allowance cut from £16 to £10

Journalists working for the BBC have threatened to strike over their evening meal allowance, which potentially might be cut from £16 to £10.

At the moment, the staff are allowed to claim up to £16 for a meal on expenses, all of which is paid for by licence fees, each time they work a late shift.

The planned £6-cut is to save an estimated £300,000 a year. The BBC is currently struggling to save £800million a year.

“Staff say the cut to expenses will mean they will be subsidising the BBC from their own wages”, the National Union of Journalists said:

Sue Harris, NUJ national broadcasting officer, told the Daily Mail: “Why should our members pick up the tab? These are legitimate expenses which staff incur as they do their jobs often during unsocial hours.

“The talks to discuss the changes of rates have been a farce and our patience has run out. Our members are angry and if the management insists on foisting this unfair deal, we will be a balloting for strike action”.

In addition, a number of other proposals have been put forward to reduce the BBC’s expenses bill. It is also reported that the corporation’s staff may be banned from taking first class trains or using black cabs to get around London.

However unions representatives suggest the corporation could look to save in other areas, such as private healthcare and car perks for senior managers.

Do you think the BBC staff should be striking over the meal allowance reduction plans?

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