Be Grateful

We are constantly striving to have more stuff. Buying stuff we can’t afford to impress people we don’t know or we don’t like. But are we any happier? Well, only you can answer that question, but I would say we are more miserable than ever.

Some of the happiest and most grateful people I have met, live in developing countries. They don’t have much, but they are grateful for what they do have. There is so much we can learn from them.

Being grateful is about acknowledging what you have and not bemoaning what you don’t have. Gratitude is an emotion similar to appreciation. Being grateful allows you to find peace and contentment, even in moments of real anxiety and crisis.

Robert Emmons, a professor of Psychology at University of California, and author of ‘Gratitude Works’ states the following. ‘When people are grateful they feel more alert and alive’. So being grateful can be very positive. In fact, I believe that people who are positive are generally very grateful. It helps you to experience life at its best.

So how can we become more grateful? Well, the following may help:

Use Social Media to Share Your Gratitude: Whilst many people use social media to complain or vent their frustrations, you can start a gratitude movement by using it to express your appreciation. Say one thing you’re grateful for once a week or even every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You’ll likely attract some positive vibes and you might encourage others to do the same.

Don’t compare your life to others: Why waste your time comparing yourself to other people, when you could be focusing on your goals and your achievements. Many of us foolishly believe that everyone else is having a fantastic time and doing really well. Even if they are, live your best life and do you.

Be humble: I believe that gratitude and humility go hand in hand. The more you refine your ability to stay unassuming, the easier it should be to count the blessings in your life.

Finally, Ralph Waldo Emerson said: ‘Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes your way and give thanks continuously’.

Stay focused and stay blessed.


Photo Credit: sasint

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