Beauty vlogger Grandma Lill promotes age diversity

A simple search for beauty tutorials on YouTube will result in thousands of results. With so many acclaimed beauty gurus and vloggers, it can often be tricky to stand out from the crowd.

But then came Grandma Lill.

Starring on a YouTube channel with her grandson, Grandma Lill has accumulated an impressive following of over half a million. Her Instagram numbers are equally impressive, with a total of 120,000 followers.

Her diverse videos consist of festive makeup tutorials, daily routine videos and other highly viewed videos such as room tours.

With an effervescent attitude and grasp on cultural slang – grandma Lil has proven to be very popular amongst teen audiences. In one video, the 80-year-old grandmother states that her eyebrows are ‘on fleek’.

Her humour and ability to make herself, and others, smile is often seen throughout the array of videos posted online.

Grandma Lill has stated in her videos: ‘Oh yeah, that’s beautiful – it’s going to make me look 55!’ and ‘I’ll make it smoky…smoky the bear!’

Showing that age is no challenge to gracing the world of beauty – Grandma Lil is an inspiration to the internet. Her presence on social media demonstrates that diversity is possible and can be celebrated.

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Photo Credit: thiskidneedsmedicine

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