Bella Hadid labelled ‘too thin’ for Nike

She has been accused of giving girls ‘unrealistic expectations’.

Landing a major campaign with one of the most successful brands in the world does not come without problems.

This is what 20-year-old model, Bella Hadid, learned after the Nike collaboration announcement caused a social media storm. Hadid was labelled ‘abnormally thin’ and ‘not athletic enough’ to represent Nike.

Bella has since responded to claims of her weight loss by saying that she didn’t intend to lose weight. Vigorous training for the upcoming Victoria Secret show has had a definite, but unintentional, impact on her body.

In a statement, the model also said: “My weight fluctuates and so does everybody’s. I think that if people are [going to] judge, that’s the worst you can possibly do. Everybody is different”.

Calling for a more diverse view of body image, the model notes the irony of the claim. If she does indeed work out in the gym to train, then why shouldn’t she represent a sports brand? Especially a sports brand she may wear herself?

However, users of social media sites, such as Instagram, insist that the model is creating unrealistic expectations for young girls. One user commented: “this is why young girls get eating disorders, when being abnormally thin is glorified”.

Bella Hadid is not the first celebrity to face criticism in light of being the face of a sports campaign. Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner also received backlash after landing a million dollar Puma campaign.

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Photo Credit: Lehren Hollywood

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