Benefits of not taking a gap year 

The results are in, and the decision of your future lays waiting and unknown in the palm of your hand. Some already have ideas of what they want to do once they graduate, and have secure plans on how to reach their goals. But not everyone is left feeling as confident when their three final years of education are up.

Instead, jetting off  to the other side of the world for a year is the ‘go-to’ for the majority of graduates, who will, of course, have the cultural experience of a lifetime. But here are some reasons why taking a gap year abroad isn’t always the best idea.


As simple as it may seem to just buy a one-way ticket to Thailand, many seem to forget the rapidly rising prices of air travel. For a lot of graduates, it takes months of hard work to save up for just a week’s holiday to Spain, never mind a round-the-world trip!
Staying in the UK to work and build your dream career will not only save money, but will help you earn it.


Having a year of non-stop exploring, partying and casual working can strongly effect one’s motivation and organisation. Eventually returning home to get back into the swing of full time work and commitment can prove extremely hard after a year of fun and being care-free.

It’s not all fun and games

For many, the thought of a gap year is extremely desirable in the sense of it being just one big carefree and dirt-cheap party. People need to take into consideration the cultural differences, lifestyle changes, and the hard and poorly paid work involved to be able to afford to stay in the country.

A successful future

A gap year certainly doesn’t mean an unsuccessful future, but focusing on your career and building yourself rather than forgetting about all responsibilities and commitments for a year can truly benefit and strengthen you as a person. You have the rest of your life to explore the world; you might as well do it with security.

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