The best biscuit for dunking into tea revealed

Nothing says ‘British’ more than tea; and with that is the tradition of biscuit-dunking. However, from city to city, the best biscuit to dunk in tea has been contested for ages. Biscuits and tea go together like fish and chips, French and Saunders, and Tom and Jerry.

Whether your biscuit should be dunked in your tea, however, is a divisive matter.

If you are a dunker though, is there anything worse than holding your biscuit in the tea just a fraction of a second too long, leaving you with a soggy mush at the bottom of your brew?

Fortunately, a new study has revealed which of the nation’s classic biscuits holds their own for longest when dunked in a hot cup of tea.

Would a custard cream crumble under the pressure? Or perhaps a rich tea would come out on top?

In fact, the best biscuit for dunking has emerged as the chocolate bourbon.

Yes, everyone’s favourite chocolatey pick-me-up is more than just a pretty face – it beat all the other teatime staples in the study by Wren Kitchens.

It’s thought the filling gives the biscuits extra strength, as jammie dodgers and custard creams also scored highly.

Researchers reached their conclusions by dunking various types of biscuit half-way into a freshly brewed cup of tea and holding in place until it broke. A stopwatch was used to record the breakage time

They were then able to rank the biscuits based on for how long they held their form and also come up with a recommended dunking time for each one.

From best to worst

Here are the standard biscuits ranked from best to worst, with their breaking time, and recommended dunking time:

Hob Nob, 15 seconds, 5 seconds

Malted Milk, 20 seconds, 6 seconds

Ginger Nut, 32 second, 3 seconds

Fig Roll, 38 seconds, 4 seconds

Chocolate Digestive, 41 seconds, 4 seconds

Digestive, 48 seconds, 5 seconds

Chocolate Hob No, 51 second, 9 seconds

Rich Tea, 58 seconds, 4 seconds

Custard Cream, 1 minute 6 seconds, 8 seconds

Jammie Dodger, 1 minute 8 seconds, 8 seconds

Shortbrea, 1 minute 20 seconds, 11 seconds

Bourbon, 2 minutes 39 seconds, 7 seconds

Some alternatives

The researchers then decided to carry out the same test with some less traditional biscuits, and here are the results:

Oreo, 27 seconds, 3 seconds

Nice, 18 seconds, 4 seconds

Fruit Shortcake, 15 seconds, 4 seconds

Party Rings, 58 seconds, 5 seconds

Garibaldi, 15 seconds, 5 seconds

Maryland Cookie, 21 seconds, 6 seconds

Chocolate Digestive Thins, 1 minute 5 seconds, 7 seconds

Previous studies into the very important matter have, however, drawn different conclusions.

In a 2004 study, the rich tea was crowned champion, but a 2009 survey of 3,000 people claimed the chocolate digestive took the top spot.

There’s only one thing for it: eating a lot of biscuits.

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Photo Credit: Wren Kitchens

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