Best dessert cafes in Manchester

Name me one person who doesn’t like pudding. And if you can, they’re probably lying.

Desserts, puddings, after dinner treats – whatever you call it, we love it. And here in Manchester, there is so much to choose from.

Here at TNT, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the dessert cafes around town that topple the charts to be named the best in Manchester.

So here goes…

Sugar Junction

Sugar junction is a quaint vintage tearoom nestled in the heart of the trendy Northern Quarter’s Tibb Street. Stepping inside, you are transported back in time by the 50s decor, the swing music playing in the background. The mismatch of objects and furniture – with cutlery purchased from antique shops – somehow perfectly forms a coherent vintage theme.

A TNT must-try is the delectable lemon and blueberry cake. It promises a melt-in-the mouth sponge and a buttercream of flawless texture and flavour. A chocolate Guinness cake is also highly recommended. It impressively resembles an actual pint of Guinness with its dark sponge and light-coloured icing.

Teacup Kitchen

Similarly nestled in Tibb Street, Teacup Kitchen is a warm and humble cafe where you can drop all your troubles at the door. The soft, cafe jazz you hear upon arrival creates a relaxing ambience. The cafe makes the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

One cake in particular stands out for all the right reasons – the Rainbow Cake is a staple of the establishment. Many regulars travel miles to grab a slice of the colourful Battenberg layers, topped with raspberry jam and enrobed in marzipan.

The flourless chocolate cake is without a doubt a TNT favourite. The dark chocolate ganache, which is whipped and then baked, creates a melt-in-the-mouth truffle texture. Whilst the cake is gluten free, it is definitely not sin-free. The flourless cake is a delicious and moreish moment of guilty pleasure that you never want to end.

Dessert Republic

Situated on Barlow Moor Road in the lively heart of Chorlton, Dessert Republic (DR) is a haven for lovers of anything sweet.

The restaurant is inundated with luscious and unique ice cream, all of which is Swiss Mövenpick. Dessert Republic boasts over ten distinctive flavours including caramelita, maple walnut and cinnamon. A flavour of the day is on offer depending on the season, with previous favourites including coconut and chocolate and pear sorbet.

Dessert Republic’s American stack pancakes are a must eat. The three generously sized pancakes are layered with white chocolate before being topped with a pervasive chocolate sauce and large succulent strawberries. The dish, which is partnered with a glass of maple syrup, is triumphant from the first taste to the last. The establishment’s focus on presentation was clear to see upon the dish’s arrival, as the illusion of the maple syrup floating in a glass provides an artistic spectacle.

Black Milk

Black Milk, in Affleck’s Palace, was championed as Manchester’s own cereal cafe when it opened in March 2015.The reality is a deliciously extravagant milk-based eatery which is best reserved for a ‘cheat-day’ treat rather than a regular meal.

The indulgent menu includes a chocolate fountain, ice-cream, milk shakes, and, of course, cereal. Rather than simply stocking a selection of cereals, Black Milk offers cereal cocktails with toppings, sauces, and different milks; you can even have an Edible Chocolate Bowl.

One of Black Milk’s signature creation is their High Rise Shakes, including the sumptuous Triple Oreo Cheesecake Stack. This consists of a tall glass filled with Oreo, Milk Way and chocolate milk with a base of vanilla butter and crushed Oreos. The whole thing is then topped with a slice of Oreo cheesecake, Hershey’s chocolate sauce, and vanilla cream. It is thick and creamy with a vanilla finish on the palate, and yet not sickly; something which is very impressive considering the ingredients.

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Photo Credit: The Nubian Times

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