Best family board games to play during Christmas

They are traditional and pretty reliable in turning any dull night-in into a loud, fun-filled, competitive session –  board games. Well, grab the phone and invite all your friends and family over for some game time! We have gathered some of the classics you can use for the perfect Christmas night in as the arctic temperatures outside linger on.


This might be the classiest board game ever, but it’s definitely not boring to play with your family and friends. It is also one of Britain’s favourite Christmas games, hence the British edition of the game with famous London landmarks. Find it in WHSmith and Argos or buy it online.


The ultimate physical skill game and probably the simplest. Gather around the wooden tower and try to remove the blocks placing them on top. You will end up with a bigger and more unsteady tower. There’s no place for shaky hands! Find it in John Lewis or online.

Cards against Humanity

The best game to play with your friends and have a laugh with. It is recent, popular, and known amongst younger people about its notorious humour. The rules are simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Find it online or give MenKind a visit.


Get ready cause you are about to find yourself in a word battlefield. One of the family classics, scrabble takes skill as you are trying to build crosswords and bonus spaces with your seven letters. It is enjoyed by millions. You can buy yours online or visit Argos and John Lewis.


If you are looking for loads of fun and something that will test your physical abilities, then that’s the game for you. Play it with friends and family, and prepare to get tied up in knots. Show off your flexibility skills with the Twister game. Find it in Argos or buy it online.

TNT Christmas Countdown

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