The best gifts for the kids this Christmas

TNT went to see what Manchester city centre had to offer in terms of gifts for the kids. It’s getting colder out there, but there’s no need to let this put you off doing your Christmas shopping. All of the toys in the list can be found inside The Arndale local shopping centre.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Arndale’s Build-A-Bear workshop has some lovely Christmas-themed bears. You can stuff reindeers for your kids, ranging between £19.50 and £21 dependant on the type. These are a good sized teddy and are truly adorable too. There are also a lot of Christmas-themed clothes on offer, perfect to dress your child’s new teddy with. Alternatively, the clothes could be a great new addition to the wardrobe of a bear they already have. Amongst the Christmas clothes are a Grinch onesie and a Santa Claus outfit, both of which are priced at £10.

Disney Shop

After the success of the Finding Nemo sequel earlier this year, Dory has become the new star of the show. The Disney Shop is on the Dory merchandise hype and has some great Christmas presents for the kids in stock. One of these is the talking soft toy, priced at £25.99 but worth every penny for those Dory lovers.


Wilko has their own lego collection called ‘wilko blox’ that are fantastic gifts for kids. It’s something for them to build on Christmas Day and they come in an array of diverse designs. These include airports, military battleships and even a festival main stage setting.

They’re offered in a range of sizes, which vary in price depending how many blocks they include. You can get your hands on the small builds for only £2, with the bigger ones also being very reasonably priced. The wilko blox are even compatible with the actual lego blocks. So, even if your kids already have the lead brand, you can buy them these to add to their collection.

The Works

The Works have a fantastic 2 for £10 offer on a range of games/sets for boys and girls. Amongst these are a fun-filled Domino twister game and a 5-in-1 Fashion Watch set. There are loads to choose from, so you’re sure to find your perfect gift for your child.

Also on offer in The Works is a Mega Tricks & Pranks set, priced at £10. This one might leave the adults a bit anxious, but really is endless fun for the kids.

TNT Christmas Natasha Dunn

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