Beswick tram stabbing appeal

On Saturday 8 October, a man was stabbed in the neck on the Ashton-bound tram near to Beswick.

At around 6.50am, the 36-year-old had a disagreement with a passenger, who ultimately attacked him. His injuries were luckily not fatal, but he was treated at hospital following the incident.

Descriptions of the perpetrator portray a 35 to 45-year-old black man, who is around 5ft 4in in height and has a stocky build. He is also said to have a shaven head.

When the incident occurred, the offender was travelling with a white woman, who was wearing a short black skirt, a black top and black wedge heels. She had her dark hair in a long ponytail.

Inspector Steve Griffin has stated, “This was a vicious and unprovoked attack, which has left this man with very serious cuts to his face and neck.

“It is only good fortune that prevented this man from suffering potentially life-threatening injuries, because if this knife had cut an artery I would dread to think what the result could have been”.

It’s extremely important that any witnesses on the tram, or anyone else who knows anything about the incident, come forward.

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