Beverly Bond supports Obama’s Computer Science campaign

Inspirational business woman, Beverly Bond, has joined President Obama’s initiative of Computer Science for all (CS for all).

Bond has announced her support through plans to develop new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programmes. In addition to programmes, scholarships will also be developed.

The 46-year-old business woman plans to launch these through her GIRLS ROCK! TECH and KING ME! initiatives.

The news comes after a year of action supporting Obama’s Computer Science for all. In January 2016, Obama announced plans to improve access to Computer Science courses in classrooms.

The initiative recognised that Computer Science is ‘largely missing’ from American Kindergarten to Grade 12 education. Only 32 states in the US include computer science in high school graduation requirements.

Despite the lack of Computer science in US schools, it is very relevant. Obama says that Computer Science makes ‘…sure all our kids are equipped for the jobs of the future…’.

Children should not merely work with computers but be able to develop analytical and coding skills. Obama says this will allow them to ‘power’ innovation and the US economy.

Bond’s STEM programs, will equip children with a diverse range of skills. GIRLS ROCK! TECH will promote equality through launching a gender-specific and culturally relevant CS & technology camp.

The camp will serve 50 girls aged 13-17 and will collaborate with leaders during summer 2017. Celebrating diversity, the program combines girl’s empowerment, leadership and self-esteem development with courses in coding, music production and robotics.

Bond’s KING ME! will also inspire young males in a similar way. KING ME! will pilot a gender-specific and culturally relevant CS, music technology and arts and culture programmes. This is aimed at boys in grades 5-12 and will be held during the 2017-2018 school year.

Many hope these campaigns will be embraced by the black community.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Black Girls Rock


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