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The Apprentice’s 2014 runner-up Bianca Miller who, in the final episode, proposed a colour-matching service for women’s skin-tone hosiery (True Skin), took time out of her busy schedule to talk to TNT. The 26-year-old Londoner, has now produced a comprehensive range of skin tone tights and hold-ups – Bianca Miller London – that are representative of all women of different shapes, sizes and colour.

“I now understand the density of the material in each colour of tights compared to before. I know now that you can get a colour that matches four to five people’s skin tones”, the entrepreneur said on one of the key lessons learnt from The Apprentice.

She went on to add that “From a logistic and commercial viewpoint, of course my product is not an ecommerce product. So space is very important when it is based in a store. I know that there are 110 different skin tones in the world, and I could not possibly have enough space to produce and offer all of them”.

Bianca’s nude hosiery ranges from ‘Powder’ all the way to ‘Mocha’, and is on sale for between £12 and £15 a pair. Currently stocked in Selfridges, Bianca’s collection aims to be a winner for all women for “as long as Selfridges wishes to stock them. The deal is not time-restricted”, she told TNT.

Although Bianca does have her sights on lingerie in the future, her current focus investing more focus into her hosiery range, and fortifying her business for continued success.

Since her appearance on The Apprentice, Bianca has had Lord Sugar congratulate and wish her well, and drop a message to her now and again. “It’s great and I obviously appreciate his support and that of the rest of the other contestants. I suppose we share a common memory and experience so we will always try to stay in touch.

About the man who beat her to the crown on the show, Mark Wright [Online search company boss], Bianca graciously said “I totally respect him, there is no issue. He is doing well with his company. I even pass clients to him”.

Inspiring not only the older generation, Bianca is presently injecting the love for business into the young generation through her TV show, Pocket Money Pitch. Having premiered on 8 February 2016, the show comes on every Monday at 5.30pm on CBBC.

In the show, budding young entrepreneurs from across the UK pitch their ideas to a guru (judge) in a bid to get a year’s worth of pocket money [about £260] to turn their business dreams into a reality. Each week the guru changes with each different person.

Bianca will be one of the ‘business buddies’ overlooking the young hopefuls, along with model and singer Myleene Klass plus a few other notables.

For someone who once said that her role model is Oprah Winfrey because, “She inspires and influences people to do and be better”, Bianca seems to be cut from the same cloth the American is.

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Photo Credit: Demur Magazine

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