Birdman and Toni Braxton secretly married?

US singer Toni Braxton and record producer Birdman have allegedly been secretly married for a while now.

According to theJasmineBrand sources, the two of them eloped but haven’t told anyone yet: “They don’t want anyone to know yet. They’re trying to keep it secret, just like their relationship. They tried for as long as they could to deny that they were actually together.”

“They’re so in love with each other. I’m surprised that they even waited this long to do it,” sources added.

Birdman has reportedly said he’s getting his face tattoos removed.

The couple are reportedly planning to hold a big reception bash with their friends and family to celebrate their marriage. This is despite the ceremony itself already complete.

This story comes after Toni’s younger sister, Tamar Braxton, stated earlier in the month that Birdman had been acting like a brother-in-law in their family.

The Braxton matriarch, Evelyn Braxton, had been hospitalised earlier. Birdman had been just as supportive as a family member would be expected to be.

Perhaps some belated congratulations are in order for Toni and Birdman! Congratuations to the couple from TNT.

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Photo Credit: Empressive

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