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Being Black and Muslim in Britain

Black Muslims in Britain speak up to mark 30 years of Black History Month

As part of Black History Month’s 30th anniversary, a show has been produced to address the various factors concerning black Muslims in Britain.

‘Black and Muslim in Britain’ is a series of five videos exploring stories and dialogue around being Black and Muslim in Britain.

The video project was initiated in October 2016. Central to its aims is to address ‘the lack of faith representation during Black History Month in the UK’.

Consisting of various black Muslims sat in front of a camera, the show has scenes of dialogues between the speakers and the camera.

All speakers face the camera with a white background as the backdrop – funnelling the focus on the answers, whilst leaving no room for anything else that may have been in the frame as a distraction.

The first episode released on 4 October quizzed the speakers: ‘Should faith be a pivotal part of Black History Month?’ The second episode asked the speakers what the strangest thing they have experienced as a black Muslim in Britain.

The majority of the responses were, needless to say, shocking but one brought sadness to many. It was when a young man spoke about his experience as a black British tourist in Egypt.

“When I was in Egypt, I was with my cousin at the time and he’s a bit darker than me in complexion. We was [sic] walking and a homeless child – Egyptian child came to us and said: “I would rather be living in a dumpster and be a homeless person than be black like you two.”’

Writing beneath their promotional footage, the show’s representatives cite: ‘It is essential that this narrative is reflective of the diversity of our community’.

Episode 1 and 2 are available on Black and Muslim in Britain on YouTube.

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Photo Credit: Black and Muslim in Britain

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