Black stars and diversity at the Oscars – Watch

This year the Oscars have not been mentioned without mentioning the issue of diversity in the entertainment industry.

As the star of the hit TV show Scandal, Kerry Washington is no stranger to talking about the diversity issue as the show often challenges difficult matters.

Talking to ABC’s Robin Roberts, Washington explains that it is important to have people of colour “at the table” in order for things to change.

She said, “As a new member of the Academy, I really want to be part of the conversation to make sure that there’s institutional change. So that we never have a year like this again”.

Whoopi Goldberg also made a point saying, “How many Japanese or Asian actors can you name that have ever been nominated?”

In the 88 years of the Oscars, there have only ever been four Asian actors who have won an acting award, out of the 17 who have been nominated.

Chris Rock faced backlash over an Asian joke he made on stage, when he introduced a group of accountants who turned out to be a group of Asian children.

Critics said this was perpetuating the stereotype that all Asians are good at maths, and that using the children as the butt of a joke was reductive.

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Photo credit: The Incredible World

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