Star Wars actor Jon Boyega became the target of racial abuse on Twitter after the release of the film’s trailer on Monday. The latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise will see its original cast regroup. However, the focus is understandably on the new cast members.

The original teaser trailer was released for the film in November 2014. Fans were given their first sight of the black British actor John Boyega (Attack the Block). Boyega caught the attention of a handful of trolls who responded to the image of a black stormtrooper.

Jon Boyega (Twitter @Jboyega) responded positively to the critics by saying;

“Thank you for all the love and support! The fan mail and fan art has added to my joy! Isn’t it crazy that Star Wars is actually happening? I’m in the movie but as a star wars fan I am very excited! A year is a long time but it will be worth the wait.”

Yesterday the tweets resurfaced as the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII began trending. Thankfully, people adapt quickly and the racist comments were shut down by thousands of tweets criticising the posts. There is now a positive refocus on the fact that a relatively unknown British actor is part of one of the biggest franchises in the world.


TNT Entertainment Frances Scott

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