Blackstrap Molasses…(Explicit content)

After partying at the nightclub Sasha ended up at The Black Coffee’s bachelor loft pad. It was filled with abstract afro-centric art, books, film equipment and a very big bed.

“What do you want?” Sasha asked The Black Coffee – aka Sterling Freeman – as he put his arms around her waist.

“You!” he replied as he pulled her closer towards him and pressed his lips against hers.

Struggling to resist his kiss and his body talking to hers, Sasha said, “Get off me!” She pushed him away from her space.

Sterling released Sasha from his embrace and went over to the open plan kitchen to pour drinks. “Double or single?”

Sasha, already fuelled from the alcohol she had downed at the dance, ignored him and made her way over to his record collection.“You have a record player with built in tape deck and cd…Why?” asked Sasha in a giggly, flirty manner.

Sterling – also feeling a little licked by the alcohol that he too had consumed in the club – said, “Press play on the tape deck.”

Sasha followed his instructions and the chords of Van Hunt’s ‘seconds of pleasure’ exploded.

Sterling abandoned the drinks and came across to Sasha. He grabbed her and wrapped his hands around her waist tightly. He looked into her eyes intensely and they began to dance, moving together in a sensual union.

As Sasha danced with Sterling, who was tall, black, strong, afro stush; eclectic and electric, his body again began speaking to hers and she too was roused.

They stopped dancing and Sterling kissed, her but this time along with his tongue, and he tasted sweet.

Sterling whispered in her ear, “You ready for more?” He began to touch her to the point of no return.

Sasha began to lose control and breathing heavily she said, “Stop playing with me.” The Black Coffee dismissed her plea and continued to tease.
“Don’t!” Sasha said, desperately trying to fight temptation. But she was weak… Sterling picked her up and carried her to the queen-sized bed…
With satisfied bare bodies entwined and now drifting asleep, Sasha thought of how The Black Coffee twisted her up between the sheets and how he gave her all the good nourishment she needed inside her, like sticky and sweet blackstrap molasses.


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