Bob Marley the legacy lives on

This year marks several landmarks that will be chronicled in the life of the legendary Robert Nesta Marley, the global Reggae icon affectionately known as Bob Marley.

Bob Marley put Jamaica centre stage and took the world by storm as he single handily propelled reggae music to mainstream audiences and is easily to date the most instantly recognisable musical artist for roots reggae music ever.

His untimely death of skin cancer at the tender age of 36 was a great loss and shook the industry to its core; this was not just a loss to reggae music but music in general worldwide. Bob was a politically- lead and inspirational activist for his people and  would have reached the grand age of 70 years old this year had he not be taken away so soon.

Bob Marley’s legacy lives on in his music and through his children, most notably Stephen, Ziggy and Damian who have had substantial success following in their father’s footsteps in to the music industry.

50 years this year also sees the original release of the iconic song that has become synonymous with world peaceOne Love. The song was reworked and re-released in 1977 as the one that is recognised worldwide even today, over 35 years later.

Named song of the millennium by the BBC, it is somewhat less known that there are two versions of this song. The first was released in 1965 by Marley’s group The Wailers and has a more ska sound to it, lending influence from 1950s American group The Impressions.

It remains to this day the song of peace, love and unity for all. One Love!

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