Bobbi Brown celebrates 25th anniversary

In 1991 Bobbi Brown created a brand that is now synonymous with success within the beauty industry.

This year marks the company’s 25th anniversary and to celebrate, the brand has released a new campaign that tributes its dedication to women that has spanned the past two and a half decades.

The ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign pays homage to the brand’s empowering philosophy that with the right tools, makeup and knowledge – any woman can feel more confident with the way they look whilst embracing who they naturally are.

In a statement regarding the campaign’s mantra Bobbi Brown said: “we believe a woman is most beautiful – and more importantly most confident – when she looks and feels like herself”.

The campaign shows a diverse mix of 40 models and non-models wearing natural makeup looks. The women in the campaign include models, teachers, writers, activists, athletes and mothers, ranging in ethnicity and age, from 13-83 years old.

“I have been using real women since the day I started. I have women of every colour, every age, every race and every size in this new campaign. It doesn’t really matter what you look like, it just matters that you look like a better version of yourself”, the beauty mogul stated.

One reason for her unwavering success may be due to her efforts to create makeup for all women, regardless of what colour their skin tone is. The 20 shades available for the Long-wear Even Finish Foundation serves as proof of the brand’s ethos that beauty should have no limitations.

With the launch of this campaign, Bobbi Brown continues her legacy of confidence, beauty and loving the skin you’re in.

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Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown UK

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