Bobbi Kristina ‘clinging on to life’

The daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and 80s pop star Bobby Brown is now in a hospice as her unresponsive condition worsens.
Bobbi Kristina Brown is being kept comfortable in what is looking like her final days.
The 22 year-old has been unresponsive since she was found face down in a bath tub at her home in Georgia on 31 January 2015.
Now, five months on, Bobbi is in hospice care surrounded by family and friends and off all medication so she can die peacefully as her condition has worsened.
Whilst the aspiring singer is hanging on, more and more people close to her are speaking out about events leading up to that fateful night in January.
Talks of Bobbi’s ‘husband’ Nick Gordon physically abusing her, being sued for a car crash in the weeks before she allegedly attempted to take her own life and family fighting over the youngster’s inherited estate are just a few of the scandals to come out in the last few days.
It is unclear whether the world will truly find out what exactly happened the night she was in the bath, in eerily similar circumstances to the death of her mother who, almost four years to the day prior, was also found in a bath tub where she had drowned after taking drugs.
The only people who truly know what happened are Bobbi and her boyfriend Nick- who claimed they were married in an attempt to put on a united front as they faced criticism from family- who found her limp body in the water.
At just 25 years of age, Nick and his family are refuting all claims that he abused Bobbi in any way or that he had control of, or was trying to gain control of- Bobbi Kristina’s money and lifestyle. Such is the severity of this case; Nick has hired a high powered leagal team, some of whom were involved in winning acquittal in the infamous Casey Anthony trial of 2011.
Bobbi Kristina Brown wasn’t born in to the happiest or most stable of families. In 1993, the year of her birth, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were in a drug-fuelled, untrustworthy and rocky relationship.
It is widely documented that Bobbi was brought up by a nanny and was often privy to her parents’ drug binges and fast-paced lifestyle, often spent on the road touring.

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