Bobbi Kristina going home to die

After four months of laying unresponsive in hospital, the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston is to be taken home to die peacefully.
On 31 January of this year Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in a bath tub in eerily similar circumstances to her mother.
Now, after months of little progress, reports say the majority of Bobbi’s family want to take the 22 year-old back to her Georgia home where her mum once resided where she can sip away peacefully.
It is alleged, however, that father Bobby Brown doesn’t want his daughter away from the safety of hospital life support machines.
A source close to the family has told several media outlets that Bobby would never take his daughter off life support as long as she had a chance at living but Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston has been on television telling how her daughter has lain unresponsive and her fate is in God’s hands.
The final decision of Bobbi Kristina’s fate is up to Bobby Brown and Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston who have joint guardianship of the youngsters estate, including her medical needs and health and wellbeing.

TNT Entertainment Siobhan White

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