Body found in Salford University halls



Salford’s alarming spike in murder rates continues to spark concern as another body was found in the university’s student village.

On the afternoon of Monday 8 February 2016, a PCSO was approached by a 36-year-old man, who was quickly arrested on suspicion of murder, after confessing he had killed someone in the university halls of residence.

Officers attended the flat in Bramall Court, Cannon Street, to discover the body of a 30-year-old male student who had sustained multiple stab wounds.

At the scene of the crime, there was no sign of forced entry, leading GMP to establish that the victim and killer knew each other. Although police cannot yet reveal the capacity of their association, they believe there was “no long standing relationship”.

University halls are generally regarded as places of security, but understandably, students who reside in the village are distressed by the event. Maria, a current resident at the gated commune recounted the aftershock: “I came back and there were police everywhere…When we asked at reception they wouldn’t give us any information.

“I probably won’t live around here next year; everyone knows it [Salford] is the most dangerous part of Manchester.

“Last year there was a rape around the corner. I don’t feel safe at all, especially after this.”

Salford’s snowballing reputation as an area of serious crime and violence, has been mainly attributed to the competitive drugs trade between rival gangs. However, police insist the killing is, “absolutely unrelated to any gang activity”, and poses no ongoing threat to students.

Although an isolated incident, many Salford students will be rattled by Monday’s events. Ensuring the comfort and peace of mind of the student community is intact at this time, there are counselling sessions available. One Salford University student told TNT: “They haven’t told us much about anything, all I know is what I’ve read”.

Investigators are yet to establish the motive of the killing, but over forthcoming days the suspect will remain in police custody to deduce the full extent of the crime.


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