Boris Johnson elected as new Tory leader and PM

Boris Johnson has beaten Jeremy Hunt comfortably in the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Britain. BoJo had 92,153 votes compared to his rival’s 46,656.

The new Tory leader will have just 100 days to deliver on his do-or-die promise to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 – after winning twice as many votes as his rival.

In a sharp break from buttoned-up Theresa May, BoJo used his victory speech to make a string of jokes as he pledged to unite the shattered Tory party.

He said: “We know the mantra of the campaign just gone by – deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn and that’s what we’re going to do.


“Some wag has already pointed out ‘deliver, unite and defeat’ was not the best slogan because it spells out ‘dud’. But they forgot the final E – for ‘energise’!

“I say to my doubters – DUDE, we’re going to get Brexit done on October 31.”

And speaking to Tory MPs this afternoon, the new leader said he would “love bomb” those who didn’t vote for him.

The pledge suggests he will offer top jobs to Jeremy Hunt-backing Remainers, such as Amber Rudd – rather than purging the senior ranks.

Boris said he wouldn’t hold a General Election before 2022 and insisted: “I think our party seems in very good health.”

Boris rode a wave of optimism with his charismatic personality to sweep aside a huge field of challengers and win the support of grassroots Conservative activists.

Mr Johnson won over 66.4 per cent of members’ votes, with Mr Hunt trailing far behind on just 33.6 per cent.

However, in a sign of the challenge facing the next PM, David Gauke and Rory Stewart both announced they were leaving the Cabinet and will lead the revolt to block No Deal.

And he will also have to face off the threat from Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party who will leap on any hint of wavering in talks with Brussels – Mr Farage asked today: “Does he have the courage to deliver for the country?”

On Twitter, the hashtag #NotMyPM started trending when Boris’ election was announced, with many citing their disdain for new Tory leader.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Parsons

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