Boxing drama ‘Creed’ comes to the UK

It has been almost a decade since we last saw Sylvester Stallone depict Rocky Balboa on the big screen, but the long-running franchise is about be rekindled in spectacular fashion.

New ‘spin-off’ movie ‘Creed’ will be hitting UK cinemas on the 15th of January but Stallone will not feature as the lead character. Instead the honour has been transferred to Michael B. Jordan who will star as Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers in the first four ‘Rocky’ films).

Rocky Balboa returns to train Adonis, after turning long time rival Apollo in to a friend. Themes that run throughout the film is Adonis’ troubled past and Rocky’s failing health as the two unexpectedly rise back up to the top of the boxing world.

Michael B. Jordan has proved that he is one of the most talented actors around right now, and in the trailer he showcases outstanding authentic boxing prowess whilst displaying the ability to relate to the emotional side of the narrative.

Ryan Coogler, who previously worked with Michael B. Jordan in the award-winning docudrama ‘Fruitvale Station’, directed and co-wrote Creed with Aaron Covington and it looks like ‘Creed’ has the potential to be one of the most impressive boxing dramas of recent times.

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Photo Credit: Patricia12

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