Brand new Artisan butcher’s shop in city centre

A brand new artisan butcher’s shop has opened on Tib Street in Manchester’s very own Northern Quarter, renowned for its range of quirky little eateries and fashionable music venues. A £50,000 Business Loan from Business Finance Solutions enabled Steven Pilkington, who up until now has worked as a banker but comes from a line of butcher shop owners, to set up The Butcher’s Quarter as a means by which to introduce both a vital resource and a certain sense of nostalgia to Manchester’s city centre.

The Butcher’s Quarter is located in the exact spot where once stood a butcher’s shop that closed in 1975; many of this former establishment’s features have been preserved so as to create authenticity and sentimentality. The last butcher’s to grace Manchester’s city centre closed in 2007, and so Steven’s shop is set to fill a gaping hole in the city’s landscape.

“For years Manchester city centre has been missing a traditional butcher’s shop where people can buy fresh quality meat, find out where it came from, get advice on different cuts and how best to cook and serve it. People today really want to know the origins of their meat and how it has been prepared and that is exactly what The Butcher’s Quarter is able to do with our focus on quality and traceability and the skills of our butchers,” Steven explained.

The Butcher’s Quarter will be run by Steven and his partner Michelle Welshman along with butchers Mike Walton and Rowan Brown, whose families are well-established in the trade. A variety of premium and locally sourced on and off the bone meats, burgers and cooked meats, speciality sausages, deli products, premium wines and a range of gastro meals will be available at the shop, with all of the meat locally sourced from farms within the North West.



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