Brangelina face new scandal


At the end of September reports claiming that Angelina Jolie was having an affair with female nanny Lena Gould emerged, now the 40-year-old has growing concerns over the loyalty and devotion of husband Brad Pitt.

The openly bisexual Jolie was allegedly pictured holding hands with Gould in public, after weeks of reports claiming that her relationship with Brad Pitt was moribund. Given that Jolie became Brad Pitt’s mistress at one point in their relationship the rumours linking her to Gould could have been fabricated, however no developments were documented and the couple survived.

But as Pitt prepares to travel to Ireland in order to shoot ‘The Lost City of Z’ alongside Sienna Miller, Jolie is fretting over the notion that her husband is on the verge of sparking up yet another on-set romance with the beguiling blonde.

A source close to the couple has said that “Angie told him flat out, you’re not going. She’s heard Brad bring up Sienna’s name almost every day since the film went into production in August”.

Pitt’s previous infidelities have resulted in a heightened sense of paranoia and anxiety within his wife as the inside source implies, they have stated “Sienna really gets under her skin, Angelina yelled that she didn’t want him near Sienna”. Pitt’s supposed infatuation with Sienna Miller has become a severe point of contention for ‘Brangelina’, especially after their romance began whilst they were both still married.

Meanwhile, Miller is single and has an established history of getting with her fellow cast-mates, as well as married men. Most notably the 33-year-old embarked on a relationship with Jude Law on the set of ‘Alfie’, whilst he was still married.

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