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British activist Darcus Howe dies at 74

British broadcaster, writer and civil rights activist Darcus Howe has died at the age of 74.

The Trinidadian-born British activist died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday 1 April 2017 at his Streatham home. Howe had not been well for some time. His family released a statement announcing his death on 2 April.

Howe’s family said “Darcus died quietly and unexpectedly in his sleep on the evening of Saturday 1 April”. They said “Our private grief is inseparable from our public pride”.

For over 50 years, Howe campaigned for black rights, inspiring generations of Black British people. Howe came to Britain in 1961 and lived in Brixton, South London, for over 30 years.

The 74-year-old was well known for his Channel 4 series, Black on Black. He was also known for his current affairs programme The Devil’s Advocate – which was a late night programme.

Having begun his broadcasting career in the 1980s, Howe also presented programmes for the BBC and LWT. The pioneering activist also worked on other programmes for Channel 4. His documentary work includes the ‘controversial’ series White Tribe.

The ‘fearless’ British activist also worked as an influential journalist. Howe’s journalism career started when he worked for Race Today. He was the editor at Race Today for 11 years.

Notably, Howe was also a columnist for New Statesman Magazine and more recently the Voice Newspaper.

Howe was a member of the British Black Panther Movement. In 1981, he organised the “Black People’s March”.

With the organised march many protested against the police’s handling of the investigation of the New Cross Fires. More recently, Howe spoke out after the 2011 London riots.

Tributes have been paid on social media.

Diane Abbott wrote, “So sad to hear that Darcus Howe has passed away. One of the standout activists & public intellectuals of his generation”.

Filmmaker Amma Asante wrote, “May u RIP Darcus Howe #BritishBlackPanther & a pioneer in the fight for #equality in UK”.

Howe will be remembered for his pioneering work.

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