British Astronaut communicates with the Queen

British astronaut Tim Peake, who set off on his landmark flight to the International Space Station on the 15th of December, has responded to the Queen’s good luck message with a video message. Mr. Peake is the first official UK astronaut, as previous British astronauts have either had US citizenship or have been privately funded.

During the one-minute video Peake said that he hoped his time in the ISS would demonstrate how international co-operation could alter the world. In the video Mr. Peake stated, “I’m truly honoured to have received your Majesty’s message, inspired by its wording, and humbled to be able to represent the UK and Europe on board the ISS. I can tell you it’s incredible to look at the British Isles for the first time from space”.

Recently Major Peake gave an unsuspecting woman a surprise call after dialing the wrong number and saying “Hello, is this planet Earth?”. The astronaut will be spending six months on the International Space Station and has apologised for the phone call, whilst insisting that it was not a prank.

TNT News Billy Rooney


photo credit: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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