British Gas fined £9.5m over billing failures

British Gas Business will pay a £9.5m fine after customers experienced issues with billing.

Energy watchdog Ofgem, said that British Gas ‘let customers down’. In 2014, the installment of a new IT system led to failures in registrations and billing processes. Ofgem also says that customers also suffered from complaints issues.

Customer complaints ‘significantly increased’. As a result of these many complaints were not handled on-time or were handled poorly.

Ofgem reports that inaccurate and delayed bills were sent to thousands of business customers. British Gas Business flagged up the issue and has apologised for the failures.

Ofgem have praised British Gas for reporting the matter voluntarily. However it was ruled that the company did not act quick enough to correct it.

Ofgem boss, Dermot Nolan said this sends a “reminder to all energy companies that they must treat consumers fairly”.

British Gas has worked to resolve the issue. They have compensated some customers, reduced levels of delayed bills and explained the issue to customers.

Some of the fine will be donated to charity.

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Photo Credit: WDnetStudio

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